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Subsidence Services

Our aim is to provide a technically competent quality service. We will encourage you to appoint us before your insurers become involved. This will ensure that you receive independent unbiased advice. It will also assist you to consider all the options available to you once we have completed our findings. We would recommend that we be your first point of contact if subsidence is suspected.

We will arrange to visit your property and carry out a structural survey. If subsidence is suspected, we will recommend appropriate ground investigations that will confirm the cause of the subsidence movement. If subsidence is not suspected, we will identify the structural problem and recommend measures to prevent it from happening in the future. We will also advise you on your repair options.

If you decide to involve your insurers, we can oversee the investigation and repair work on your behalf. We can also give you unbiased independent advice on what you are actually covered for under the terms of your insurance policy.

Subsidence is caused as a result of a number of different causes. This could relate to clay shrinkage possible made worse if vegetation is close to the damaged area. It could also relate to leaking underground drainage simply softening or weakening the ground located beneath the foundations. There are also other causes which may require further investigations.