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Customer subsidence appraisal form

Please complete the attached form in as much detail as possible.

If you have any problems completing this form, we can obtain the information over the telephone from you. Please contact us on 01684 575730.

We also require you to send us some photographs of your property and the crack damage. Please send us photographs of:-

  • all the outside walls to your property (i.e. front, back, side walls as appropriate) from a distance
  • the crack damage – we require some close ups and some more distant photographs

Please upload your photographs below.


Full Name
Contact telephone number
Property Address
Postcode of the property
Type of property
The year the property was built
Where is the crack damage located
Is the crack damage located externally and internally within the same location, i.e. in the same room and same elevation?
When did you first notice the damage?
Do the windows and/or doors stick or jam and if so, please indicate the location?
Is wallpaper creased where it was previously flat? If so, please indicate the location?
Is there any vegetation i.e. trees and shrubs located near to the property? Can you estimate the distance of the vegetation from the property?
Where are the drains located in your property?
Is there any history of subsidence problems at the property that you are aware of?
Please upload your photos (for multiple images, make selections in the file browser and click open).